Md. Atiquzzaman Soikat

Software Engineer

Lifelong learner, Tech Enthuasist, Geek for life

Hi! 👋

I am currently working as a Lead Developer(Frontend) at Skipper Hospitality. I am also a co-founder of ReformedTech and currently serving as the CTO of the company.

I have been dabbling on the web for more than a decade. JavaScript is the language of the web, also my primary language of choice for programming. I also have experience in PHP, Python, Ruby, and Java. My primary choice of frontend frameworks are React and Vue.js, although I have rcently fallen in love with Svelte

Now a days my focus is on Frontend development, tooling and developig tools to make development experience smoother. I am a huge fan of the Jamstack architecture. Developing performant, user friendly and scaleable websites is a passion of mine.

While not programming I enjoy video games, cooking and spending time with my friends and family.